Small and pleasant school! Teachers and staff are nice and available + the Maltese climat ... perfect. I advise it!
- Fabien Frezard | 51 yrs | France | Intermediate
This experience was full of emotions and friends. I could write two different books called ‘From Malta’. Teachers are very good people and are really professional – all of them. I’m glad that I got to know all of them.
- Nadejda Dimcheva | 28yrs | Bulgarian | Pre Intermediate
This is my second experience with IH Malta-Gozo. I am sure there will be a third one. Everything is as you can imagine. I feel richer.
- Marco Fontana | 44yrs | Italian | Upper Intermediate
I had a really good time. I think I improved my English. My teacher Suzy was very friendly and her lessons were good. My flatmates were very friendly too.
- Fabio Trevisson | 24yrs | Italian | Intermediate
For me Malta was a great experience. The school is very good. Teachers are beautiful. And the reception is very good too. Accommodation is OK, and breakfast and dinner is very good thanks to Anna & Ray (host family).
- Luciano Angioni |67yrs | Italian | Elementary
For me, Malta and IH Malta was wonderful.  I had excellent teachers.  The staff was always helpful and very kind.  Although there were a lot of Brazilians, my English improved.  I met very nice students, the school is nice, the host family was very good, and Malta has nice places and beautiful landscapes.  I loved it.  It was a fantastic experience.
- Jose Cardoso Neto | 58yrs | Brazil | Pre-Intermediate
My new experience to study English in Malta was very exciting at my age.  It was so much positive because I felt welcomed by all students and school.  I loved the classes and the teachers, and the city is lovely and very beautiful.  The hotel was not as good as the student houses but it was ok for me.
- Sandra Marcia Tanaka | 61yrs | Brazil | Pre Intermediate
The school is satisfactory. The Hotel Alexandra is good and the location is very good. The students were united and loving. Malta is a beautiful and a cheerful place that exceeded my expectations. Alessandra is an employee of prominence and loved by all students.
- Margarete Rocha Massini | 47yrs | Brazil | Elementary
First of all, I’d like to thank everyone.  I loved my time in Malta.  Maybe if I changed my level before, I would have improved quicker because I love to learn with Ray D!
- Lucas Rocha da Costa Filho | 30yrs | Brazil | Upper Intermediate
When I chose Malta as my destination to study English, I thought that it was going to be a good experience, but it was even better.  I met good and nice people who became family, brothers, sisters, mummy and daddy, and friends.  I cried.  I smiled.  I laughed.  Basically I was so happy during these three months of my life.  It was something I really needed.
- Andrea Vicario Jover | 27yrs | Spain | Intermediate

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