Partners (Agents)

How to become an Agent

Becoma an IH AgentWe welcome agents who would like to represent a school with a difference. We are targeting a niche market with a discerning clientele who have an eye for customer service. If you specialise in a selective quality market, we would value your custom and be happy to discuss your requirements. Visiting our operations is a must and we would look forward to welcoming you. We can also provide promotional materials and negotiate agreements. Our school is small, but our expertise is extensive.

Nationality Mix

There are several students of different nationalities that come to INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Malta throughout the year. Students always comment on how many people they meet at the school and get the chance to learn about many different cultures. The diversity at the school is what makes INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Malta so unique and makes the experience complete for every student. Last year we welcomed students from Algeria | Austria | Azerbaijan l Brazil | Bulgaria | Colombia | Czech Republic| Ecuador | Egypt | France | Germany | Greece | Italy | Kuwait | Kazakhstan | Latvia | Libya | Moldova | Norway | Poland | Russia | Serbia | Slovakia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Turkey | Ukraine Nationality Mix

Agents’ FAM Trip

Agents FAM Trip“Fam Trip” is short for “Familiarisation Trip”. The purpose of the trip is to give you a “snapshot” look at the region and all of the schools in a single trip. This enables you to see firsthand exactly what goes on and gives you a genuine feel for the place so you can recommend it to your customers (if you are an agent) or employees (if you are a company Training Manager). So why not just read the brochure?

Experiencing a place is different from just reading about it. You never forget places you’ve visited, the smell of the fresh air, the taste of the food and other little details all stay in your mind. That’s why we would like you to come and visit us and not just read the brochure! Usually these trips last for 4 or 5 days depending on your needs and interests and the size of the group visiting.


Workshops: ICEF, ALPHE, FELTOMINTERNATIONAL HOUSE Malta has participated in several workshops. This enables us to meet with different agents and learn from each other’s experience.

ICEF connects educators, education agents, work and travel professionals, and industry service providers to key markets and networks worldwide, supporting the growth and development of international education and global student mobility. Through ICEF’s various services, education institutions and agents achieve results and efficiencies in growing international student enrolments.

The ALPHE Conference involves face-to-face meetings of an half an hour each between agents (who recruit and advise students) and educators (who want international students to attend their institution). If you want to meet with educators and/or agents, then Alphe should be a part of your marketing strategy.

The Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations Malta (FELTOM) has taken the lead in establishing quality assurance standards in the ELT industry on the Island.

Our objective is ‘to set, improve, and ensure the maintenance of standards in all aspects of English language stays in Malta, primarily in the academic content but also in those services which together constitute the infrastructure requisite of a language stay.’

There is something for everyone – from small family run schools, to large international school chains. Our members offer a wide variety of courses in their own unique setting. FELTOM schools are all accredited and provide quality English language courses in a friendly professional environment. About 75% of students choose a FELTOM member school when visiting Malta to improve their English language skills.

If you would like to become our parther (agent), or have a question, feel free to contact us:

(+356) 2138 4139, (+356) 2137 0597

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