One-to-One General English Tuition

One-to-One General English Tuition

time daily, 20 lessons / 15 hours per week Hide course info

One-to-One General English Tuition Class type: one-to-one.
Levels Offered: Beginner - Advanced.
This intensive English course will help participants achieve realistic goals according to their individual needs. The course aims to provide students with opportunities to achieve greater fluency and accuracy in the English language. Also suitable for clients whose level of English is below Pre-Intermediate. Participants can opt for 10 additional individual intensive lessons in the afternoons from Monday to Friday.

Course offered all year round.

Visa not included.

Prices 2021
Price in Euros (€)
per person per lesson
Number of lesson Low High
1st to 20th lesson €30 €40
Each additional lesson €25 €35
For returning students, the weeks already spent at our school will count when calculating duration and prices.
Low Season 1 September – 31 May
High Season 1 June – 31 August
Administration fees
€37.50 – courses up to 2 weeks
€75 – courses 3+ weeks
Free for returning students
General terms
1 lesson = 45 minutes. 1 week of tuition = 5 tuition days
You can start & finish your course on any day of the week. The price in this case is calculated on a "tuition days" basis.

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The course is held in the following centres:

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