Business English Courses in Malta

Whether it’s face-to-face, online or off-site, IH Malta has got what you need to do business.

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English Language Training for Professionals, Managers and Executives

This Course is aimed at applicants who are private professionals, business managers or company executives. Applicants will ‘live’ English for the duration of their stay in Malta, envisaged to be for one week, although shorter or longer stays can be arranged.

Each candidate (student) will be assigned a ‘coordinator’ who will contact him / her a few days before the start of the course (via e mail or Skype) and set out a teaching programme together with an activities (cultural / sports / relaxation) programme as required by the student.

Cost will be commensurate with the level of accommodation chosen whereas tuition fees, cost of cultural activities, etc., can be advised at the time of application.

This Course is intended for those who already have a good command of English and need to 'hone' their communication skills, more than anything else.  On the other hand, we are open for any suggestions and are totally flexible in this regard.

Please contact our CEO, Ray Spiteri, directly on and we’ll take things from there.

Business English 1:1 or Group

Ever had to give a presentation or make an international phone-call in English? These are just some of the practical skills you’ll be developing in our Business English classes.

Importance is given to formal and informal styles both in writing and speaking so that you’ll sound natural, diplomatic and polite. Writing classes look specifically at memos, reports, letters, and emails, all relevant to the world of work. Topics covered in class include recruitment, marketing, advertising and sales, plus areas of specific interest to the learners.

Frequently requested topics:

  • Telephoning and conference calls
  • Presentation skills
  • Meetings and negotiations
  • Networking and socialising
  • Online communication

English for Corporations – Closed Groups

With English being the language of business in the 21st century, companies can’t afford to have staff who can’t communicate well. We design closed group courses that can be delivered on or off-site to help you:

  • improve communication
  • build your team
  • strengthen corporate culture
  • increase overall workplace English proficiency

We also offer corporate training sessions (team building exercises, corporate culture, stress and crisis management, leadership, etc.). POD.


Too busy to leave the office? No problem. Any of the above courses can be delivered online. Complete our online Needs Analysis and we can prepare your Personalised Study Programme.

Prices 2018

Code Course No. of lessons Price in Euro (€)
per person per lesson
High Mid. Low
Business English / English for specificpurposes - 1:1 lesson 1st to 10th lesson
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11th to 20th lesson
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21th and each additional lesson
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Executive English
1:1 lesson
1st to 10th lesson
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11th to 20th lesson
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Low Season January – March & November – December
Mid. Season April – May & September – October
High Season June, July & August

1:1 Tuition from €40 per contact hour

Business English teaching for Executives and Managers
Business English school for Executives and Managers

At our Adults Centre
or at a selection of 4* and 5* hotels
in St. Julian’s area

Please contact us for a quote
of our tailor-made courses.
Group courses are also available on request.

English for business teaching school in Malta

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