I’m very comfortable with the school. Teachers, classmates, personal attention and flat services are good. They work very professionally and humanely. Believe me all students are in agreement with my opinion, I’m sure of that. When I came here I didn’t know anything in English, so people all the time were helping me. And now, I can make laugh other people speaking English. I feel confident, and I want to live more experiences with the knowledge that I got here. Here, we are like a family, come and check it!"
- Emilia Moretti | 20 yrs | Italian | Intermediate
I like Malta, I really like the school, teachers, staff and students.  I have good relationships with other students."
- Evgeny Savushkin | 28yrs | Russia | Pre-Intermediate
Small and pleasant school! Teachers and staff are nice and available + the Maltese climat ... perfect. I advise it!"
- Fabien Frezard | 51 yrs | France | Intermediate
I had a really good time. I think I improved my English. My teacher Suzy was very friendly and her lessons were good. My flatmates were very friendly too."
- Fabio Trevisson | 24yrs | Italian | Intermediate
Great experience, very good teachers, nice family atmosphere.  I met people from all over the world.  Staff are always ready to help with a smile.  Special thanks to Suzy and Alessandra!"
- Francesca Russo | 41yrs | Italian| Intermediate
I had an excellent time in this school and Malta.  This school is not so big, so it was easier to get to know each other including staff and teachers.  On the weekend I went to Valletta and Gozo.  They are beautiful places and I enjoyed every day with my friends."
- Hiroshi Shimokawa | 21yrs | Japan | Upper Intermediate
The School is in a convenient location, Cosy rooms, pleasant management, Competent teaching. The accommodation is situated in a quiet and calm area, not far from school. Nice family, comfortable bedroom and bathroom.  There are a good number of students from various countries around the world.  It is interesting to talk to people who came from another part of the globe. I found it a very useful experience. Malta is one of the most unbelievably beautiful countries I’ve ever visited. Simply amazing, especially museums and old cities, which are full of medieval and early modern architecture and artefacts."
- Igor Bordiuzha | 27yrs | Ukriane | Upper Intermediate
I am very happy I visited Malta again and I like this school because they have the best teachers.  IH school is like a big family. I had a lovely time again and I would like to recommend International House Malta as a school for everyone."
- Inga Zhelnovo | Russia | Intermediate
My experience in the island of Gozo was wonderful. I stayed in August in Marsalforn in a nice seafront hotel. In the morning, I had individual lessons that helped me to improve my English where necessary. The locals were very kind with tourists and I found that I could practise my English with them. Gozo is a magical island where I spent my free time exploring amazing places. One of the best places is ‘Dwejra’ where you can see the The Azure Window, a natural formation of rocks forming an arch above the sea. Do not miss the chance of admiring the dazzling blue lagoon while passing through the spectacular cave of The Azure Window on a typical Maltese boat. I highly recommend that people experience this lovely island and spend a truly relaxing holiday there."
- Cristina Riva | 38 anni | Italiano | Intermedio | Risorse umane
I found the school very welcoming, one little family.  Thank you all for the kindness.  This experience will remain forever in my mind, hoping to one day, I will send my children to this school! Grazie grazie grazie! See you soon!"
- Clay Giannini | 44 anni | Svizzera | Pre-Intermediate

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