Small and pleasant school! Teachers and staff are nice and available + the Maltese climat ... perfect. I advise it!"
- Fabien Frezard | 51 anos | França | Intermediário
I had a good experience - finding a nice atmosphere at school and building a good relationship with my teacher. I think it’s nice to be able to build relationships inside the school so you can use your English and not only learn it."
- Vittorio Chiurato | 24 anos | Italiano | Intermediário-avançado
The lessons are really amusing; we're always discussing interesting topics and I feel very comfortable.  I have spent my free time at the beach, visiting Comino and Valletta and also going out at night."
- Isabel Gracia Torralba | 19 anos | Espanhol | Intermediário-avançado
Anything can be improved, but in this case it's very hard to find something. It has been one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. Thanks a lot."
- Simone Loisi | 26 anos | Italia | Avançado | Advogado estagiário
I really liked my experience at International House Malta-Gozo.  Everybody who works in the school is very friendly, lovely and sympathetic.  Now I can use my English at work and in my life."
- Juliana Alexandra Dimario | 31 anos | Brasileiro | Avançado | Executivo de Marketing
Kids had a wonderful time with the friendly team.  A great way to enjoy sun, fun and English!  Hope to see you again soon, look me up on facebook under my name, take care, bye, Vivien xxxxxxxx"
- Vivien Tombs | Britânico | Líder do Grupo Estrangeiro | Professor de inglês
I am very happy that IH provides drinking water and has a room for self-study.  My teacher is very kind and has a lot of experience in teaching English.  My English is improving everyday."
- Bokyung Kim | 27 anos | Coreano | Intermediário-avançado
Friendly 'family' atmosphere.  Nice place to improve your English.  Brand new accommodation and very comfortable room.  Dedicated teachers.  Nothing to complain about."
- Thierry Bricard | 39 anos | Francês | Pré avançado
I like this school and this place.  I would like to return here another time."
- Silvia Gelli | 28 anos | italiano | Pré intermediário
...a very good teacher, she is very organised and cares about us."
- Marina Moraes Gonçalves | 24 anos | Brasileiro | Intermediário-avançado

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