The IH is an English school where the students can learn another language in an easy way.  You can find good organisation, professional teachers and reception staff at IH, but above all, you can make new friends. I Love it!"
- Stefania Di Lasio | 35yrs | Italy | Pre Intermediate 5th June 2015
My plans in the beginning were just to visit my friend, but it ended up that I loved the school, met really nice friends and had a great opportunity to improve my English."
- Flavia Lima | 25yrs | Brazil | Upper Intermediate 4th June 2015
The school is very nice. The people who work there are very helpful.  The place where I live is quite 'new'.  Fellow students are awesome :)"
- Olga Wojciechowska | 35yrs | Polish | Intermediate 4th June 2015
It was the best experience of my life.  Malta is an amazing country with a lot of beautiful places.  People here are very nice, I loved my colleagues at the school, and made friends for life.  Everybody who works in the school was so nice and helpful to me.  I loved this experience!"
- Maria Luiza Furtado | 24yrs | Brazil | Upper Intermediate 6th March 2015
IH Malta-Gozo is fantastic :) Thanks for the nice experience! I will come back next year! :)"
- Maria Cristina Iglesias | 43yrs | Spain | Elementary 13th March 2015
It was a wonderful experience; I'm very satisfied.  The lessons are not only grammar, but friendly conversations.  I really appreciate it!  I met a lot of fantastic guys who helped me in this route.  Congratulations to my teacher Lorenzo and all the staff of IH! Thank you!"
- Lorenzo Valdifiori | 23yrs | Italy | Pre-Intermediate 13th March 2015
It was a wonderful experience for me.  I wish I could re-live the unforgettable moments with friendly people in an amazing place."
- Michelle Souza | 31yrs | Brazil| Pre-Intermediate 13th March 2015
This is the best to know and to study English.  It's perfect to mix and relax with new friends.  The island looks like paradise.  The people are very friendly."
- Thais Leal | 34yrs | Brazil| Pre-Intermediate 19th March 2015
My experience in the school was very good.  It has a pleasant atmosphere.  I like the atmosphere in the class.  I made a lot of friends.  Malta is very beautiful.  I love Malta.  The accommodation is nice only there could have wi-fi."
- Emerson Bahr Andrade | 30yrs | Brazil| Elementary 20th March 2015
Excellent school, teachers and reception.  I met beautiful people from all over the world.  Thanks for the good times.  Thanks for everything."
- Tiziana Galbiati | 51yrs | Italy | Pre-Intermediate 20th March 2015

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