I found the school very welcoming, one little family.  Thank you all for the kindness.  This experience will remain forever in my mind, hoping to one day, I will send my children to this school! Grazie grazie grazie! See you soon!"
- Clay Giannini | 44 anni | Svitzerland | Pre-Intermediate 25th March 2015
I like Malta, it's a beautiful country and the school is very nice."
- Claudia Gavarini | 16 yrs | Italian | Elementare 16th April 2014
A good experience which allows me to break down my barriers and no longer be afraid to speak in English."
- Cecile Robert | 32 yrs | French | Intermediate 27th November 2014
One month in Malta and it is like living a dream. In this small Mediterranean Island I found many interesting places to visit. I was in Comino, with my friends and it was great to swim, watch fish and jump from the cliffs. Also the school is right, I have to learn many things but I am here to improve my English and my skills."
- Bruno Curto | 27 yrs | Italian | Pre-Intermediate 12th November 2014
I am very happy that IH provides drinking water and has a room for self-study.  My teacher is very kind and has a lot of experience in teaching English.  My English is improving everyday."
- Bokyung Kim | 27 yrs | Korean | Upper Intermediate
Malta and INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Malta-Gozo became my second home! Here I have accomplished my goals for 2013: improve my language, made a lot of new friends and had a memorable and best summer ever."
- Assiya Ilyassova | 29 yrs | Kazakh | Intermediate 19th September 2013
People from school are very friendly and the classes are light and relaxing as well."
- Arthur Goncalves Assini | 24 yrs | Brazilian | Upper Intermediate 21st April 2014
School - Very good atmosphere, friendly, positive, useful lessons."
- Andrey Chirikov | 40yrs | Russia | Intermediate 27th February 2015
When I chose Malta as my destination to study English, I thought that it was going to be a good experience, but it was even better.  I met good and nice people who became family, brothers, sisters, mummy and daddy, and friends.  I cried.  I smiled.  I laughed.  Basically I was so happy during these three months of my life.  It was something I really needed."
- Andrea Vicario Jover | 27 anni | Spagna | Intermedio 19th June 2015
In our opinion the experience at the school has been great. We made good friends and new people from all over the world, with different cultures, and it was a good experience of life. Malta an Island, very small but with many beautiful and interesting places, for example: Blue Lagoon, Paradise Bay, Museums, Comino, Gozo, etc. The accommodation, it is good. Our experience in Malta was AWESOME :) !!"
- Ana Pereira Martins and Rui Alexandre| Portuguese | Pre-Intermediate 17th October 2014

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