I found the school very welcoming, one little family.  Thank you all for the kindness.  This experience will remain forever in my mind, hoping to one day, I will send my children to this school! Grazie grazie grazie! See you soon!"
- Clay Giannini | 44 anni | Svitzerland | Pre-Intermediate
I like Malta, it's a beautiful country and the school is very nice."
- Claudia Gavarini | 16 yrs | Italian | Elementare
A good experience which allows me to break down my barriers and no longer be afraid to speak in English."
- Cecile Robert | 32 yrs | French | Intermediate
One month in Malta and it is like living a dream. In this small Mediterranean Island I found many interesting places to visit. I was in Comino, with my friends and it was great to swim, watch fish and jump from the cliffs. Also the school is right, I have to learn many things but I am here to improve my English and my skills."
- Bruno Curto | 27 yrs | Italian | Pre-Intermediate
I am very happy that IH provides drinking water and has a room for self-study.  My teacher is very kind and has a lot of experience in teaching English.  My English is improving everyday."
- Bokyung Kim | 27 yrs | Korean | Upper Intermediate
Malta and INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Malta-Gozo became my second home! Here I have accomplished my goals for 2013: improve my language, made a lot of new friends and had a memorable and best summer ever."
- Assiya Ilyassova | 29 yrs | Kazakh | Intermediate
People from school are very friendly and the classes are light and relaxing as well."
- Arthur Goncalves Assini | 24 yrs | Brazilian | Upper Intermediate
School - Very good atmosphere, friendly, positive, useful lessons."
- Andrey Chirikov | 40yrs | Russia | Intermediate
When I chose Malta as my destination to study English, I thought that it was going to be a good experience, but it was even better.  I met good and nice people who became family, brothers, sisters, mummy and daddy, and friends.  I cried.  I smiled.  I laughed.  Basically I was so happy during these three months of my life.  It was something I really needed."
- Andrea Vicario Jover | 27 anni | Spagna | Intermedio
In our opinion the experience at the school has been great. We made good friends and new people from all over the world, with different cultures, and it was a good experience of life. Malta an Island, very small but with many beautiful and interesting places, for example: Blue Lagoon, Paradise Bay, Museums, Comino, Gozo, etc. The accommodation, it is good. Our experience in Malta was AWESOME :) !!"
- Ana Pereira Martins and Rui Alexandre| Portuguese | Pre-Intermediate

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