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eLearning - English distance learinng online
Start your English classes at IH Malta before you even leave home!  We offer a range of one-to-one and group classes* at all levels of study and all you need is your PC or tablet and some headphones. Enjoy classes with qualified and experienced teachers in the comfort and convenience of your own home.
Try for freeIH Malta’s online classes use a specialized e-learning platform, which allows for you to see and hear your teacher and fellow classmates. It is easy to set up and your teacher will guide you through some simple steps.  It’s just like a face to face class!

We offer:

  • General english in group
  • Online 1:1 General English Course
  • Online 1:1 Business English
  • Online 1:1 Exam Preparation (IELTS, CAMBRIDGE)
  • Online 1:1 Executive Business English
  • Online 1:1 English for Specific Purposes
  • Other courses available on request.

Prices 2016 - 2017:

Course typePrice
General English in group € for 8 lessons per person (6 hours)
Online 1:1 General English Course € per lesson
Online 1:1 Business English € per lesson
Online 1:1 Exam Preparation (IELTS,CAMBRIDGE) € per lesson
Online 1:1 Executive Business English € per lesson
Online 1:1 English for Specific Purposes price on demand
Other courses available on request price on demand

▪ Subject to availability

▪ Group lessons: Minimum 3 / maximum 12 students per group

▪ Group lessons: available to students from pre-intermediate to upper intermediate

▪ 1:1 lessons: available to all levels

▪ 1:1 lessons: dates and times will be arranged with the student by the teacher

▪ 1:1 lessons: minimum recommended booking of 5 lessons


All teachers are qualified ESL professionals and the materials are produced by IH Malta and the IH World organization.

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