Macrobiotics: Do You Take Responsibility For What You Eat?

As the country starts moving to fight obesity, a serious investigations in our eating habits and lifestyle needs to be seen. ‘A healthy living is about taking responsibility for what we put in our mouths,’ argued Shirley Cauchi during her lecture on Macrobiotics. The lecture, organised in conjunction with Dical House and the Clean Food Movement, aimed to inform the participants about a health philosophy that aims to improve one’s well-being through realigning our bodies with nature.

A Bigger and Tastier Life

Ms Cauchi, explained that Macrobiotics, translated literally to ‘Big Life’ in lay man’s terms, aims to give freedom over what one eats in a way that is more exciting. This philosophy, seems to have stemmed from Japan and moved to the West over the span of the last century. Almost ironically it embraced Japanese & Chinese traditions and merges them with modern science.

Look at Those Benefits!!

Basically what this approach does is to give the tools for people to change to healthier based diets that allow for significant weight loss, better emotional states, increased energies for productive endeavours and improved wellbeing. Even more than these noteworthy benefits, are the reputed notions that it has led to the curing of many illnesses, including cancer.

Choosing Your Wellbeing

Macrobiotics delves into what foods are to be chosen, what quality they need to be, where the food comes from, when is food better consumed and one’s relationship with one’s body and environment. The main element of this lifestyle is a vegan diet, which although is not a requisite, allows for better digestion and detoxification of the body. More than a diet, this philosophy aims at learning to understand and care for your body by making small and sustainable changes towards an improved wellbeing.

It’s the Season To Be Local

This philosophy also accounts for the seasonal and lifestyle changes in our lives whereby eating fruits, vegetables and foods that are associated with the current season allows the body to keep itself strong in the face of the winds of change. On the same tune the more local one’s diet is, the more one’s eating is in line with the body’s biology. Ms Cauchi concluded that the framework delves into other aspects such as our way of life, health goals, the body’s beauty, Shiatsu, the wisdom of the body and meditation.

Embracing the nature of one’s food and taking care of one’s body, goes a long way to improve the overall health and wellbeing of our society. Macrobiotics, as both a science and a philosophy of life, can help in a great way to start the process to regain our back our health.